Tantra Certification Pricing

The World Association of Tantra Professionals offers instruction, testing, and certification in the following:

  • Tantra Practitioner level I - $895
  • Tantra Practitioner level II - $895
  • Tantra Practitioner level III - $895
  • Tantra Master - $1,295
  • Or Tantra Master Teacher - $1,295

Discounts are awarded to couples, series paid for in advance, and to all life members of the WATP.

Each level is priced separately and each level must be completed befroe moving to the next level.

All courses, testing, and certification can be done partially online or at one of our member schools in Seattle, Washington, Phoenix, Arizona, or our satellite school in Newport, Rhode Island.

Membership Pricing

WATP, the International Association of Tantra Professionals, is the professional organization of the global Tantra community, working to promote wide reaching peace and harmony throughout the world and to provide members with extraordinary benefits and tools to enhance and expand their practices. We are one of the few associations that work for you and help create a supportive environment within the Tantra community. We provide a forum for support and professional, personal, and spiritual growth.

  • Lifetime Membership - $350
  • Practitioner locator services - Free with membership
  • Practitioner insurance - Email for quotes
  • Legal advice and services - Free with membership, special limited time offer
  • Research and development of new modalities and tools - Free
  • Information on seminars and workshops - Free

Tantra School Accreditation

The WATP offers members accreditation for your schools, classes, and students, email us for details.

If you have a school or even a series of classes, email the staff at WATP to discover how your school can be accredited through the world association and how we can begin to certify all your students.

Email WATP with any questions or comments.

Our email address is: info@watp.org