Tantra Certification

The World Association of Tantra Professionals offers instruction, testing, and certification in the following:

  • Tantra Practitioner level I
  • Tantra Practitioner level II
  • Tantra Practitioner level III
  • Tantra Master
  • Tantra Master Teacher


WATP, the International Association of Tantra Professionals, is the professional organization of the global Tantra community, working to promote wide reaching peace and harmony throughout the world and to provide members with extraordinary benefits and tools to enhance and expand their practices. We are one of the few associations that work for you and help create a supportive environment within the Tantra community. We provide a forum for support and professional, personal and spiritual growth.

  • Lifetime Membership - $350
  • Practitioner locator services - Free with membership
  • Practitioner insurance - Email for quotes
  • Legal advice and services - Free with membership, special limited time offer
  • Research and development of new modalities and tools - Free
  • Information on seminars and workshops - Free

All members are added to the data base of Tantra professionals worldwide, when someone emails us to learn more about Tantra or experience a Tantra session, we email them the contact information you provide.

Tantra School Accreditation

The WATP is the only worldwide Tantra association that offers accreditation for member schools, courses, classes, and students.

Our accreditation process is often accomplished online and simple to complete, email our staff for details.


The WATP offers members optional practitioner insurance, email us for details.

Our Mission

The WATP is a worldwide Tantra association, and like all associations is devoted to its membership. The WATP is a full service Tantra organization and helps those interested in Tantra sessions and classes to locate Tantra professionals in their local area.

All organizations service their members, however, the World Association of Tantra Professionals is our membership and we welcome any and all information concerning your events and sessions that we can share wih those who email us in your area.

Email WATP with any questions or comments.

Our email address is: info@watp.org